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Our Toy Poodles

The Poodle is a highly intelligent dog, possibly the most intelligent of all the breeds.  Due to their intelligence and quick responses, poodles were originally used as hunting dogs in Germany.  Poodles have proven themselves valuable as guide dogs, assistance dogs, and therapy dogs.  There are several varieties:  the standard poodle is the largest, then the miniature and finally the toy.  Toy poodles are highly trainable and make excellent watch dogs.  They are easy to train and thrive on learning.  They are especially good at learning unusual tricks and performing stunts...this is why they make good circus dogs.  This is a dog that is highly responsive to the desires of its owners and is responsive to almost any circumstance. 

Toy poodles come in a variety of colors including brown, black, white, cream, silver, blue, red, apricot, phantom and parti ((mix or two colors).  In order to be in the conformation show ring, a poodle must be one solid color. 

At Cocoa Pups Poodles our focus is on producing puppies that have had the best start possible in life.  Because we only have two dams we produce very few puppies and our babies get lots of attention.   As soon as their eyes are open, pups get carried around and exposed to a variety of experiences at home.  As they grow we introduce them to at least one new life experience daily and encourage new owners to continue this practice until the pup is five months old.  The benefits reaped from early socialization and training continue for the entire life of the dog.  Our pups are wormed at 2,3,4,6 & 8 weeks and are given age appropriate vaccinations.  They are out-going and friendly puppies comfortable with being handled, carried, going potty on grass and interacting with other pets.  They also love toys.  We are happy to provide references from former buyers and to supply our veterinarian's name and number. 

A wonderful aspect of toy poodles is that they do not shed.  They are popular with those who have asthma as they are considered "hypoallergenic dogs" since they shed very little dander.  If you are considering a tiny or teacup toy poodle and have small children you may want to reassess.  A young child cannot be expected to understand how to be gentle with a tiny dog.  Small dogs can be accidentally dropped by a child and end up with a broken bone or worse.  Small and petite dogs in general are nervous about being stepped on and tend to do better with older children and adults.  A larger dog, perhaps a miniature or standard poodle might be a better choice for a family with babies. 

Prior to making the decision to bring a toy poodle into your family, research grooming needs of this breed.  Poodles need regular grooming.  Some people enjoy learning how to groom themselves and take pride in their abilities.  Others would rather go to a professional groomer.  Contact dog groomers in your area and understand the financial and time commitments regular grooming requires of poodle owners.  Whether you do your own grooming or take your dog out, rather than suddenly attempting to impose your will on a puppy when it reaches a random age, habitually and frequently handle and groom its face, ears, feet, teeth, tail, etc.  If you  teach your pup to accept grooming at an early stage, your dog will be easy to groom for the rest of its life.  

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